Retail v. Resale: 5 Best Items to Buy in June

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June is the official start for the summer season ushering in amazing deals for enjoying the warm weather and home improvement projects. This month is full of significant savings that will keep your pockets happy. From Father’s Day deals to perfect wedding and graduation season gifts, read our guide on the best purchases for the month of June.


Fishing Gear

Father’s Day sales will be in full swing throughout June and fishing gear will see markdowns up to 75% off retail. If you are looking for greater deals shop for fishing gear resale. Pay attention to the condition of fishing rods and check for worn joints that may “wobble during casting and have the potential of cracking when reeling in your catch,” says experts at


Power Tools & Tool Sets

For the DIY enthusiast, June is perfect! If you are looking for tools to gift or just add to the collection, June is the best time to purchase power tools up to 40% off retail costs. and the savings get deeper depending on what you find resale. Tool sets are abundantly available resale during warmer weather project seasons and can often come with extra savings up to 80% off retail. When shopping like new tool sets be sure to test power tools and look for tool sets that are often still under warranty.


Sporting Goods & Camping Gear

Take advantage of deals for anything related to the great outdoors. According to experts at, “it's best to avoid buying used helmets.” You should always look to purchase goods in excellent or like new condition especially if the item is something children or young family members will use. The most important tip from experts is washing and cleaning used sporting goods and camping gear prior to using it. Savings will often be between 50-95% off the retail cost.



Wedding and graduation season is the best time to purchase cookware. Look for well-made cast iron, stainless steel and glass items. Cast Iron Cookware has a longer lifetime than non-stick Teflon cookware. If properly cared for it can last twice as long, if not longer. Save money by finding these items at a local estate sales or online auctions. Avoid cookware with dents, pitting, or without a flat bottom surface.


Gift Cards

With events like graduation, Father’s Day, and weddings packing the month of June, gift cards are a great item to look for great deals on. Is there a favorite you know they can't get enough of? Consider purchasing a restaurant or store gift card to help them enjoy their favorite things. Though usually purchased retail, there are resale gift cards that allow you to purchase gift cards at a discounted percentage.


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