Empty Nesters: Things To Keep In Mind as You Downsize

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As your children grow and start to venture out on their own, it can certainly leave a wake in your life. Without them in your home, it can start to feel small or overwhelmingly big. With less people to help pitch in, downsizing can become a very viable option. Before you just start throwing things out or thinking the only choice you have is to look for a smaller house, read on for a few tips on things to keep in mind as you downsize.

Staying Put

Depending on your situation, you may not be in a position to uproot your life. It takes quite a bit of time to find a new and suitable home, as well as sell your current home. This isn’t always necessary when you’re looking to make your life a bit easier, and your home more manageable. It can be done whether you live in a single or multi-level home.

As we get older, it may make more sense to keep the most used rooms and facilities on the first level of your home, if possible. Having your bedroom, and a bathroom accessible on the first floor helps make it easier for your home to accommodate you as you grow in years. Consider a small remodel project if needed to make sure you can avoid the stairs, as this tends to be a point of injury for aging bodies. You won’t need to make all of these changes all at once so you can prioritize your needs. Consider these home modifications for aging in place so you can continue to get the most out of your home for years to come.

If you have a multi-level home, prepare any rooms upstairs to be left on their own for some time. These empty spaces can be turned into guest spaces for when your children or grandchildren come for long visits. At this point, your children will have their own homes or spaces they can bring their personal belongings to and enjoy themselves. Ask them to help you decide, what they want to keep and what can go to help free up the room so it requires no maintenance in order to be ready for guests. You want to be sure there is room for your future guests’ things, so the majority of the old tenant’s belongings should go, and this goes for the closet as well. As they’re collecting their things, they can retrieve any garments they’ve left behind but would like to keep. The remaining clothes shouldn’t be stashed away any longer as it's clear they haven’t been missed too much still in your home. Free up the closet’s space by selling their clothing online, and not only will you have some back-up storage space if you need it, but guests will be able to utilize it to keep the room orderly while they visit.

Looking For a New Home

If your family’s home is just far too large to care for without the able bodies around to pitch in, maybe it is time to look for a new home. It might be a great idea to do it while you're young enough to pack and do the moving yourselves. This gives you an opportunity to look for a home that will work for you for the long term, and hopefully avoid any more moving.

Home is where the heart is. This means that you can turn any place into a home. You don't have to go spend a lot of money on a house, which will include some amount of property you’ll have to pay on. You might also consider checking out apartments or townhouses. Both could offer a much smaller, more manageable living space, while still giving you the comforts and necessities of your old home.

No matter which way you decide to go, consider what floor you’d be on or if there are stairs required to get into the home or apartment. Are there elevators? How near or far are the laundry resources? Is this new location in or a part of a community for you to be a part of? It can be very important to have plenty around to do, people to talk to and spend time with.

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